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Why you should consider adding DNS-layer security as your first line of defense against threats

People work anywhere and everywhere now, from co-working spaces and coffee shops to airport lobbies, using innovative devices, apps and cloud services to re-imagine and redefine their workdays.

It’s great for productivity and efficiency – but it’s stretching network security to the breaking point, creating hidden gaps and vulnerabilities as employees move further away from the traditional “office.” With most security solutions still focused on protecting employees only while they’re on the corporate network, organizations are increasingly at risk for cyberattacks.

Hackers are paying attention, and they’re matching today’s technology innovations with maddening creativity of their own. They’ve graduated from attacks designed to steal data to extortion hacks that instead lock people out of their data unless a ransom is paid. They manipulate files and sabotage software and appliances in order to affect stock value or deface websites. They exploit zero-day vulnerabilities, intercept split-second online credit card transactions and hack connected devices ranging from security cameras to smartwatches, skateboards, and even cars. So get ready, because end-of-year security reviews and surveys say attacks increased by 38% in 2015, and experts predict they’ll continue to grow – in frequency, in number, and in sheer brute force.

Why Firewalls Are Not Enough

The basic problem IT professions face is they’re still relying on traditional network defenses to guard against emergent threats that have been designed specifically to skirt them.  With Cisco’s Umbrella DNS Security, the protection follows the user out of the corporate network by deploying simple DNS security.  View this simple diagram of the protection.

Click Here To read the complete E-Book from Cisco about DNS Security.  We use Cisco Umbrella DNS Security as one of our key components of our LogixGuard Managed Services.

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