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Data Backup & Recovery

Data Backup and Recovery is a key to our Disaster Avoidance approach to protecting your business.  From servers, workstations and your cloud data such as Office 365 and Google Apps, we have you covered.

Server Backup

Our managed solutions include the software, hardware and day to day monitoring of your backups. We bring in a dedicated appliance that has enough storage to back up your server for 6 months.  Nightly jobs run to replicate daily backups to our office and stored for 1 year or more.

Workstation Backup

We have found that the cost of setting up a workstation is more than the cost of new hardware.  We backup high valued workstations, just like a server, so that we have 14 days of backups to recover from.  This ensures that users laptops and other valuable data are available for recovery.

Cloud Backup

A common misconception about cloud email and file storage is that it is “Backed Up”. Well, not really! If the server your mailbox is on crashes, the providers can recover it. However, in the case of an employee that “cleans” up their mailbox before they quit or in the case where a folder in a shared mailbox has gone missing, there is no way to recover that missing data. With our cloud to cloud backup, we can recover data from Office 365, One Drive and Google App.

We partner with a number of industry-leading backup providers such as Altaro, StorageCraft and Veeam

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