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Well, the first question I get on this topic is “What is DNS?” To the common internet user, DNS, or Domain Name Service, is the gear in the Internet engine that takes the domain name www.855ITLogix.com and turns it into something that the computer understands.

In the case of the domain mentioned above, www.itlogix.us, the number your DNS server spits out is Just about every internet connected device takes a domain name and turns it into an IP address. This process is similar to what the card catalog does for us in a library; it tells our browser where the website is in the library of the internet.

Therefore, the thought of using DNS as a method of security is the same as removing cards out of the card catalog. For example, if you would like to stop your computers or smart devices from contacting a website or server that is serving up a virus or other threats, just remove it! Another example is that if you would like to block your computers from seeing adult content, you can pull those cards.

Okay, so you may ask at this point, how do I do that and how do I know all of those sites? Well, you can’t and won’t figure them all out. However, a service we use is called Cisco Umbrella. This service tracks the “bad” sites and puts them into nice neat categories that you can deny access to.

Using DNS security is only one of the layers of security you should be deploying in your network, no matter the size or complexity.

Reach out to me, [email protected] if your business would like to know more about our layers of security and how easy it is to deploy Cisco Umbrella on your network.